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The WAR Team offers plans up to 100% commission, designed to suit both full-time and part-time agents. Whatever your level of commitment, we have a plan tailored to maximize your earnings on each transaction. Ever wondered how much more you could have saved over the past year with us? Start earning up to 100% commissions with The WAR Team today!

Individualized Mentorship | 24/7 Training Portal | Cutting Edge Lofty CRM 

What we do

Why Join The WAR Team? 

Ongoing Training with Fresh, Relevant Topics

The WAR Team agents enjoy access to a dedicated learning portal. With new content added monthly, The WAR Team Learning Portal is your go-to destination for continuous growth and success in the real estate industry.

Commitment to Agent Development

Unlike brokerages that just gather agents, we invest in you. We provide comprehensive support and tools designed to turn our agents into top performers.

Competitive Commission Structures

At The WAR Team, we keep our brokerage fees low to offer you some of the best commission splits in the area, ensuring you take home more from every deal.

Meet Our "DADS"

Individualized Mentorship

Our Directors of Agent Development (DADs) provide individualized support, strategies, and insights that are directly applicable to your daily work, helping you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively. 

24/7 Training Portal & Live Trainings

Attract, nurture, seal, and follow-up on more leads than ever with The WAR Team. Your comprehensive resource for training, industry trends, and the latest hot topics in real estate.

Cutting-Edge CRM, Website and Email 

 At The WAR Team, agents receive a comprehensive suite of digital tools designed to facilitate business growth at no additional expense. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you provide leads?

We do provide leads. We also equip you with the necessary tools to conduct your own lead acquisition campaigns if you choose to do so.

What is the commission structure?

The WAR Team offers a handful of commission plans to choose from, designed to suit both full-time and part-time agents. Whatever your level of commitment, we have a plan tailored to maximize your earnings on each transaction. 

Are my leads protected?

At The WAR Team, we believe your data is your own. Any business you generate is yours to keep, and should you decide to move on, your database goes with you. We ensure that you retain full control over your hard-earned client relationships and information.

Where is the WAR Team office?

The WAR Team is located in the growing Eastside of El Paso, 1700 N. Zaragoza Road. 

why we do it

The WAR Team is dedicated to your success. 

Focus on Quality, Not Just Quantity

Our culture thrives thanks to a dedicated, tech-savvy team with a collaborative spirit, ensuring every member contributes to our shared success.

Consistently Creating Top Earners

Our agent-centric approach has a long-standing history of fostering high achievers. Our agents consistently outperform, earning more with The WAR Team than they could elsewhere.

Unmatched Brokerage Support

The WAR Team equips agents with top-tier training, cutting-edge technology, and robust administrative support, empowering them to close deals more efficiently and effectively.


What Our Agents Say



My experience with Ben as my real estate broker has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we connected, he seamlessly became a great mentor and really developed my leadership journey. Ben provided invaluable guidance every step of the way. His wealth of knowledge facilitated my professional and personal growth.  His passion for education and dedication to his agents truly set them apart, making him the best broker ever. If you are ready to level up both professionally and personally, Ben will get you there!



Having been in the industry for a long time and experienced various brokerage firms, I can honestly say that Ben Williams stands out. He genuinely wants you to succeed and takes pride in making you proud to be an agent at his brokerage. Ben wishes you even more success than you envision for yourself. If you're looking to elevate your business & "level up!", you've found the right place with Ben & The WAR Team.

Muchas gracias, Ben!



In the world of real estate, it’s rare to find someone who not only delivers exceptional results but also truly cares about their agents. Ben has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. His deep market knowledge and negotiating skills have helped us navigate complex transactions with ease. What sets Ben apart, however, is his genuine dedication to our success. Thank you, Ben for being not just a fantastic broker, but a remarkable person to work alongside.



Ben Williams is a remarkable real estate broker who exemplifies true leadership by leading from the front. His dedication to the success of his agents is truly inspiring, as he consistently shows up every day ready to support and guide his team. Working with Ben has been a privilege, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and supportive broker in the real estate industry. His reputation in the El Paso real estate community speaks for itself.

What Our Clients Say

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